Thursday, February 21, 2019

How do I become a Member?

Joining Toastmasters is very simple. Just walk into a club meeting. And that’s it! You can attend a club meeting as a guest initially. Within 2-3 meetings, you would know how a meeting pans out and how exactly will Toastmasters be helping you in your personal and professional life.

Once the meeting is over, meet the VP Membership and fill out an application form. Your membership will be approved within a few days.

Attend Meeting at Any of our Clubs

Area Clubs Location Meeting Day Timing
N1 Philipps GBS TRIL Wednesday 3.45-5PM
N1 Lennox India Toastmasters Club Ascendas Thursday 4-5PM
N1 Meraki Mylapore Bi-weekly Saturday 7AM
N1 Chennai LoudSpeakers TRIL Wednesday 2.30-4 PM
N2 Mindtree Chennai Toastmasters TRIL Thursday 2.30-3.30
N2 Pershing India Toastmasters Club TRIL Wednesday 4-5PM
N2 Wolters Kluwer Toastmasters Club TRIL Wednesday 2.30-3.30PM
N2 TCS Maitree Titans TRIL Tuesday 3.30-4.30PM
N3 Chennai Toastmasters Club Egmore Sunday 4-6PM
N3 CAT Hosur Hosur Thursday, bi-weekly 11 – 12.30PM
N3 CAT-EDCI Club Ascendas Thursday 2-3PM
N3 North Chennai Toastmasters Club Rainy Hospital, Tondiarpet Saturday 3.45-5PM
N4 Qrators Perungudi Thursday 1.30-2.30PM
N4 Servion Toastmasters Club SRP Thursday 4-5.15PM
N4 Amec Foster Wheeler Chennai Ascendas Wednesday 5.45-7PM
N4 BNY Mellon Technology Chennai Toastmasters Club Ascendas Wednesday 11.30-1 PM

Is there a fee involved?

To become a member, you have to pay:

  • A one-time joining fee of US $20.
  • The half-yearly subscription fee of US $45. This needs to be paid in September and March every year.

TMI is not for profit organisations. The fees collected from the members are used towards expenses of running the club and organising various events at area/division/district levels.

Whom should I pay the membership fee?

The membership fee needs to be paid on a half-yearly basis

  • In the month of September for the October to March cycle
  • In the month of March for the April to September cycle.

The fee needs to be paid to the Vice President Membership or the Treasurer of the club. The fee can be paid via cash, cheque or online transfer. Account details for online transfer shall be provided on request.

To know Clubs within Division N and their meeting timings, refer the Events or Contact us.